How to Comfort Someone Who Has Lost a Sibling?

Answer Losing a sibling can be a heart - breaking experience, and someone's kind words can either make them feel heaps better of a lot worse. Here is the guide on what to say.

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How to Comfort Someone Who Lost a Loved One?

So someone's lost someone near and dear to them. You want to help them, but you're at a loss for words. Here's how to let someone know you're there for them, without making them angry or making the... Read More »

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Sad?

There are so many people that for one reason or the other, are sad, alone, and spend many nights in their homes, behind locked doors, and in need of comfort. We walk the streets and might meet a ho... Read More »

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving?

After someone dies, it can be hard to know what to say to those he left behind. In the face of unbearable sadness, you might be stymied as to how to make things a little more bearable. Usually, wha... Read More »

How do you find a long lost sibling at no cost?

There are several online resources that may be able to help. You can try a Google Search, look for the sibling on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, check out a public records-b... Read More »