How to Comfort Someone Who Has Just Been Car Sick?

Answer If you have ever been car sick, you will already be acquainted with the empty, drawn feeling that you get during the experience. Want to find out how to respond and comfort someone who is feeling t... Read More »

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Got drunk yesterday .. just been sick .. mum and dad have found out i have been drinking .. what shall i do ?

What you did is illegal, and very dangerous. When esp a young persongets very drunk, they can pass out, and die. Alcohol affects the brainsof children differently than adults, and this is one of ... Read More »

Someone just called me a sick pig. Does that mean I have Swine Flu?

lmao...if u experience chills...and sickly thats probly a syptom....but sick pig maybe means ur just being a pervert...need more details...

I was walking and just collapsed,I've never been sick I don't drink or take any drugs illegal or perscription?

Dont panick could be dehydrated or low blood pressure.Happens again go to your doctor.Im no Doctor you take care.

How to Comfort a Sick Child?

Your child ill? Want them to be comfortable? Follow the steps.