How to Comfort Someone Whilst Giving Good Advice?

Answer When someone is upset, it isn't always right to shower them with hugs and sympathy. Then again, they may need your support and guidance to get through the things that have troubled them. So what's ... Read More »

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Can someone give me the best advice to giving up smoking?

There really is no one way to quit smoking. .. There are as many methods as there are smokers. ... (exaggerating a bit there). ... I have worked with many people over the years who were attempting ... Read More »

Does it hurt whilst giving birth?

Can someone help me please,need some good advice !!!!!!!!?

contact her/your doctor, childline, social services, her parents or anyone who has a close and/or professional medical relationship with her who can talk to her and give her the support and advice ... Read More »

What is your advice for helping someone feel good about the way they look?

When my daughter was young, and she would have friends over, the most fun thing to do was play dress up. I would also tell them what my mom used to tell me. "Pretty is as Pretty does." You can be... Read More »