How to Come out of a Demoralising Situation?

Answer There are many situations in life / work place which is actually demoralising and depletes one's energy. There are methods which help in coming out of this and boost one's morale and make one produ... Read More »

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Do you get annoyed when people take advantage of a situation so they can come in here?

How to Not Talk in Any Situation?

So your in a test and your not allowed to speak. Or your teacher at school says that he/she will give you a detention if you speak. Even if your having a competition with your mates, your not allow... Read More »

I'm in a tricky situation :/?

Okay first off don't starve yourself, when your start eating again you'll gain all the weight plus more back. Second the way weight loss works is the more you weigh the more calories your burn.Okay... Read More »

How to Be Confident in Any Situation?

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