How to Combine Word Forms in Medical Terminology?

Answer As the health care industry grows, so will the demand for education to prepare for this field. If you are seeking employment in areas such as medical coding and billing, medical assisting, nursing,... Read More »

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How to Learn Medical Terminology for Medical Transcription?

The job of a medical transcriptionist is to write out recordings dictated by doctors and other health care personnel. The data they're responsible to transcribe include documents such as patient re... Read More »

What Forms When Two or More Atoms Combine?

When two or more atoms combine, they form a molecule or a compound. Molecules make up almost everything we interact with on Earth, be it life or our atmosphere. A compound is similar to a molecule,... Read More »

Why use medical terminology?

Medical terminology or the language used by medical professionals, has been around for thousands of years. As an important part of health care, a variety of reasons exist for using medical terminol... Read More »

How to Memorize Medical Terminology?

Memorize medical terms by using flashcards and repetition. You can create flashcards to quiz yourself repeatedly on the definitions of the terms. Repetition can also help you learn the spelling of ... Read More »