How to Combine Rows in an Access Query?

Answer You can use Microsoft Access to edit, store and create data in related tables. These tables are made up of rows (records) and columns (fields) of information. The related tables allow you to enter ... Read More »

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SQL query retrieving first two rows.?

Some ways to do it:

Combine multiple Excel rows into a single Word mail merge?

There is always a way of doing something. But I am not sure of the number of columns involved, nor of the Labels and other details.I assume that one or more columns will have the Employee Name fie... Read More »

How do I add a query in Access?

InstructionsCreating a query in Microsoft Office Access allows you to complete two types of tasks. You can create a "Select" query that gathers, collates and presents database information in a view... Read More »

How to Run SQL Query in Access?

In Microsoft Access, you can add, delete, search or extract information using the Structured Query Language (SQL). There are three main types of SQL specific query namely "Union", "Pass-Through" ... Read More »