How to Combine Prepaid Debit Cards?

Answer Prepaid debit cards work just like a standard debit card. However there is a preset limit of money placed onto the card. If you are purchasing a product in person and don't have enough to cover the... Read More »

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Does Walmart carry prepaid credit cards or debit cards?

Walmart does carry a prepaid debit card, known as the Walmart MoneyCard. The card carries the Visa logo and may be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, including for online transactions. The Mone... Read More »

How do I compare prepaid debit cards?

Gather InformationGather the literature for various prepaid debit cards. Decide whether you will be using the pre-paid debit card to avoid impulse buying, to track your spending or to re-build bad ... Read More »

Easy-to-Load Prepaid Debit Cards?

A 2010 study by the Federal Reserve found that prepaid debit cards were the fastest growing payment type in the United States. Prepaid debit use rose 21.5 percent from 2006 to 2009. Debit cards in ... Read More »

Are there any good Debit/Prepaid Cards for teens in Saudi Arabia?

you can get a prepaid Master Card or Visa .. some banks do not require you to open an account you can just fill the application in and you will receive it in 10 day at most... and then you can char... Read More »