How to Combine Like Terms & Simplify Polynomials?

Answer A polynomial is a mathematical expression that includes constants and variables. The variables can be combined by addition, subtraction or multiplication and non-negative integer exponents, but no... Read More »

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How to Simplify Expressions by Collecting Like Terms?

Collecting like terms is a key step of solving algebraic expressions. Like terms are constants and terms that have the same variable with the same degree (the value of the exponent to which the var... Read More »

How to Simplify Expressions by Combining Like Terms?

A fundamental part of algebra involves the simplification of expressions by combining like terms. Like terms are values that share certain basic characteristics. Once you learn how to identify like... Read More »

How to Combine Like Terms?

Combining like terms is one of the most important "skill" to master in Algebra. Without it knowing how to combine like terms it is impossible to learn algebra or any higher level Math.

How to Multiply Binomials & Combine Like Terms?

Binomials are algebraic expressions with two terms, e.g., 2x^2 + 4, read as two x squared plus four. Typically, binomials are written in parenthetical notation and the entire quantity is then raise... Read More »