How to Combat Dry Skin?

Answer Dry Skin and EczemaAlthough dry skin is usually not serious, it can be quite uncomfortable.  Dry skin is dull and flaky and may feel itchy and tight.The tendency to dry skin may be inherited from ... Read More »

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How to Diet to Combat Oily Skin?

Heredity plays a large role in determining if you have oily skin. Hormone levels can also effect the oiliness of your skin. Therefore, puberty, pregnancy and menopause often cause oily skin. The go... Read More »

How to Combat Sagging Skin in the Neck and Jowl?

As it ages, skin in the neck and jowl becomes less elastic. Years of sun, opening and closing the mouth and decreasing collagen combine to make these areas sag. Surgical procedures such as face lif... Read More »

Can you wear both the combat action badge and the combat infrantry badge on the acu uniform?

Can you wear combat infantry badge and combat medical badge?

They could be worn together, as the CIB and EIB are Class 1 badges, and the CMB is a Class 2 badge. However, to be able to do this, you'd have had to serve in combat in one MOS (infantry or medic),... Read More »