How to Comb Tender Headed Black Hair?

Answer Many African Americans can relate to, or have experienced, a sensitive, tender scalp and know how painful it can be when having your hair combed. While this is common for children who wear their ha... Read More »

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How Do I Learn Tender Headed Black Hair Care?

"Tender headed" refers to your scalp being sore or tender to the touch. Even the slightest movement of the hair can cause pain to the scalp. This condition can be very painful while trying to mai... Read More »

How to Hot Comb Black Hair?

Although many black women straighten their hair with chemicals, others use hot combs. A hot comb is a metal comb that uses heat to temporarily straighten Afro-textured hair--a process known as ther... Read More »

Who founded the first company headed by a black woman to be traded on the stock exchange?

Catherine Elizabeth "Cathy" Hughes is the first African American woman to own a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. Hughes founded the company Radio One Inc. in 1979 and it has become th... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Gray Hair for Red-Headed Men?

Turning gray can be a sign of old age for men. It can be disconcerting to see someone in the mirror that looks much older than you feel. There are numerous products on the market these days for men... Read More »