How to Comb Out Dredlocks?

Answer Dreadlocks are essentially matted coils of hair. They can be traced back to the Rastafarians of Jamaica, and have grown in popularity today. But after you've worn them for a while, it may be time t... Read More »

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For the ladies! Do you like black guys with short haircuts or black guys with dredlocks better? really depends on the guy....dreads are sexy if worn is hard to pull off....short is sexy guys are just general...good luck

How to get rid of a bee comb?

My Dad was a beekeeper and was frequently asked to remove a comb/hive.He would go out with a smoke thing and smoke the bees so they were confused.Then he would take the comb out with the queen in i... Read More »

What Is a Hot Comb?

The hot comb has long been the cornerstone of styling African-American hair. Around long before the advent of ceramic flat irons and other heat-oriented styling tools, the hot comb provides African... Read More »

How to Comb a Yorkie?

Yorkshire Terriers, nicknamed "Yorkies," are a breed of toy terriers that have long blue and tan coats that require daily grooming sessions, It is a more frequent schedule than other long haired br... Read More »