How to Comb Lice From Your Own Hair?

Answer Head lice are a very contagious parasite that are small and hard to see. An infestation is more common among school children, because they are apt to share their coats and hats. Children then bring... Read More »

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How to Use a Lice Comb on Dry Hair?

If you think you might have lice, you should use a lice comb on your hair to see. This article will help you.

How to protect your hair from lice **prevention**?

Washing your hair will not prevent lice, nor will it make them come. Lice are transferred by using the same headphones, hats, pillows, combs, hairbrushes.... anything that is from or has been on t... Read More »

How to Disinfect a Comb for Lice?

Head lice is spread through personal contact with people and objects that are infected with it. Children are often susceptible to head lice because items like coats, hats or combs are shared or pil... Read More »

Can you get rid of pubic lice with a nit comb?