How to Comb Hair in Different Designs?

Answer Change up your style and give your normal hairstyle some flair by combing a fun design in your part. This look is perfect for special occasions and can be a cute addition to an up-do or hair that i... Read More »

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How to Hot Comb Hair?

A hot comb is a very thin metal picked comb with a heat resistant handle. The forks of the comb are heated up to be brushed through the hair. The heat straightens the hair while the comb is able to... Read More »

How to Comb Wet Hair?

According to the website Hair Finder, a person's hair is the most fragile when it is wet. Using a hairbrush can pull on the individual hairs, stretch them and even yank some of them out. It is bett... Read More »

How to Comb Lice From Your Own Hair?

Head lice are a very contagious parasite that are small and hard to see. An infestation is more common among school children, because they are apt to share their coats and hats. Children then bring... Read More »

How to Comb Guys' Hair?

Although the hair-care industry caters mostly to women, men should follow similar hair-care techniques when it comes to combing to prevent damage and premature balding. Men should use a good comb a... Read More »