How to Colour in a Scanned Pencil Sketch Using Gimp?

Answer How to Colour in a Scanned Pencil Sketch Using Gimp.

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How to Color a Sketch in GIMP?

Digital color tends to be more even and more vivid than standard paint. Furthermore, digital painting is easy to undo, allowing the artist latitude to experiment with different techniques. These ar... Read More »

How to Sketch & Render in Pencil?

A pencil sketch can serve as the basis for a work of art in another medium. It provides a rough idea of what the finished work will look like and need not be detailed. If graphite pencil is your ch... Read More »

How to Change a Photo Into a Pencil Sketch?

With digital photography and the use of advanced photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop CS5 or Elements, photographers are able to take their pictures and turn them into prints that look like ... Read More »

How do I change dpi on scanner to make better pencil sketch scans?

Go to your scanner options and set the DPI to 600 and adjust the contrast. This will produce a nice scan showing the sketch perfectly.