How to Color your Hair if your a Man?

Answer Men are not as familiar as women on what to do to get rid of gray hair. In fact it can seem intimidating, but it is much easier and quicker than you think. Read on to learn how you can get rid of... Read More »

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Is there anykind of website where you can type in your hair and eye color and your?

Not that I know of, but it would be fun!! I'll have to check your question later to see if you got any answers.

How to Color Your Roots Without Damaging the Rest of Your Hair?

Dyeing your hair at home can be convenient and save you money, but you do not want to damage your hair in the process. Choosing a color that is close to your natural hair color helps prevent damage... Read More »

Does your baby get your hair color or their grandparents?

You can't be sure, hair colour is determined by DNA - who gets what is totally unknown. Although there are some factors that make it more likely to get one trait or another. For example brown eyes ... Read More »

If someone said your pigment color will be taken out of your hair once you bleach it &...?

Well, when you bleach your hair you're basically stripping your hair of all color. (This can also really damage your hair incase you didn't know). Your hair will eventually grow in it's normal colo... Read More »