How to Color Your Room Using Light?

Answer We pretty much all have a favorite color. What better way to show it than to make your entire room that color? This article explains how to make your entire room, furniture and all, a certain color... Read More »

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Do you think a light Moss Green makes a good interior color for a dining room?

What accent color are you using. Any color can look good just as long as you accent it well with furniture, art, and trim.GOOD LUCK!!!

Do plants grow better in cold light room or warm dark room?

Well, I'd say the cold light room because light provides some heat, while heat doesn't provide light. And most need both to live.

Room Color Ideas for a Boy's Room?

Boys normally want their rooms to look like a boy actually lives there. They do not want pink, purple or any variation of those colors on their walls or even in their rooms. Boys prefer dark or bol... Read More »

Do all light bulbs emit the same color of spectra of light?

No. Light bulbs of different technologies and types will emit light of different colors. Although the human eye will perceive any of them, to be white, they typically have different shades within... Read More »