How to Color Hair White?

Answer Dying hair pure white can be quite an undertaking. If done incorrectly, not only can it yield a terrible hair color, but it can also cause hair to break off and fall out in clumps. If you do succee... Read More »

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How to Remove Hair Color From White Hair?

Coloring white hair can be a challenge, due to the lack of pigment in the hair follicle that causes it to have a white or translucent appearance. If you've attempted to dye your hair with semi or d... Read More »

Black is one color and white is a also color.. but balck and white tv is not a color tv y?

Color tv is like the color spectrum that when light passes through it,. it breaks up into the color or red, blue and green which are your primary colors and the other can me made from them.Black i... Read More »

How to Permanently Color Hair White?

Going white can be a fun and different hair color choice, depending on what your look is. If you're starting to get white hairs, going all white is a quick and easy way to keep your hair one color ... Read More »

How do I Color Brown Hair White?

If you are stuck in a styling rut and just plain bored with your hair, dyeing it is a dramatic way to change it. Going white or platinum from any shade of brown will require bleaching, perhaps more... Read More »