How to Color Hair Naturally and Easily?

Answer If you're looking to transition from chemical hair color treatment to natural methods, look to flowers, fruit and other household items. Natural hair color processes lends themselves to enriching y... Read More »

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How to Color Hair Naturally?

Standard hair dyes contain chemical ingredients, such as ammonia and peroxide, which can damage your hair and scalp. Some people prefer to dye their hair naturally. Henna and other natural hair dye... Read More »

Strip hair Color naturally?

There is a product called Color Oops that will remove your unwanted hail color. It will not damage your hair. I've used this myself and it worked!

How to Naturally Restore Hair Color?

Combating gray hair and attempting to restore natural hair color are among the ways people fight the outward signs of aging. Small hair pigment cells within hair follicles called melanocytes are re... Read More »

How to Naturally Color Grey Hair?

The litany of chemicals listed on a box of commercial hair dye might convince you to consider natural alternatives. There are a number of herbs you can use to naturally color gray hair. In addition... Read More »