How to Color Hair Blonde Without the Orange?

Answer Coloring or bleaching your hair blonde is a two-part process. If you are starting with a darker hair color, the natural colors in your hair will dictate what color it will be after lightening a fe... Read More »

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How to Make Blonde Hair Black Without Hair Color?

Variety is the spice of life, and changing your hair color can be a mood-lifting experience while creating a welcome shift in how others regard you. Changing your hair from blonde to black can hav... Read More »

Can You Color Your Hair Light Blonde Without Bleach?

For truly light blonde hair you will have to bleach the color out of your hair. If your hair is naturally light blonde and you want it lighter still, a shade or two lighter can be acheived in a cou... Read More »

How to Color Hair Without Turning It Orange?

Dying your hair at home using packaged dye kits is a good way to save money compared with going to a salon, but it can also lead to some unexpected results. When using home hair dye kits, many wome... Read More »

Asked for "natural blonde" highlights and now have white-blonde roots and slightly orange hair?

Your hair won't fall out from dying it again, but the color matching will be difficult. Take care with this.