How to Color Gray Hair Without Dyes?

Answer As we age, our hair pigment begins to fade. Eventually it lightens to a white or grayish color. While in many cultures this is a sign of wisdom, in others it is a sign that sends many running for c... Read More »

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How Can I Cover Gray Hair Without All the Harm of Dyes?

Gray hair tends to be dryer and more brittle than other hair types, making it vulnerable to the harsh chemical ingredients in many store-bought dye products. Homemade plant-based rinses are a kinde... Read More »

How to Tone Down Gray Hair Without Using Hair Color?

Gray hair is actually caused by a lack of color pigment, not the changing of hair color. Gray hair is a natural part of aging, though it can happen at a young age as well. For those who don't want ... Read More »

How to Hide Gray Roots Without Hair Color?

It's easy to hide gray roots without hair color. Depending on your hair length, time of year, outfit, and whether you'll be indoors or outdoors, there are a variety of ways that you can hide gray ... Read More »

How Can I Color Gray Hair & Make it Shine Without Chemicals?

Frequently coloring hair to cover gray can quickly lead to damage, if you use dyes made from harsh chemicals. Instead of subjecting your hair to chemical dyes, try making a natural dye that will le... Read More »