How to Color Dyed Hair Darker?

Answer When it comes to your hair, it's always easier to dye it darker than it is to dye it lighter. Even if you already have dyed hair, dying it darker is always a possibility and is even considered a fo... Read More »

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How to Remove Color From Dyed Hair in Order to Make a Lighter Color?

A hair color disaster resulting in hair that's too dark can create quite a dilemma. Having hair color professionally removed is an expensive process. Remove color from your dyed hair in order to li... Read More »

How Do I Color Hair Darker?

Sleek dark hair may be just the look you seek, but before you embark on the journey to darkening your hair there are some things you should consider. Unlike light hair color that can be touched up ... Read More »

How to Color Hair Darker after Bleaching?

Bleaching is a process that lightens your hair by removing color pigmentation. Whether you tried out the technique only to find it wasn't the look for you or you're just bored of the bleached look ... Read More »

I got my hair darker. Do you think it looked better blonde or the color it is now?

I like your hair dark better, and you are definitely NOT ugly (minus the braces and tie-dye shirt). You have beautiful eyes.