How to: College Savings Plan?

Answer The National Center for Education Statistics puts the average cost of a four-year college tuition in 2010 at over $31,000 per year, and that figure has increased every year over the past decade. In... Read More »

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Should you put a 529 college savings plan in the name of your trust?

It is a wise choice to put a 529 college savings plan in the name of a trust for the benefit of aggressive tax savings, control and flexibility. Trust ownership lessens administrative problems asso... Read More »

I am a college student. Can I open a 529 savings plan for myself?

Yes you certainly can open a 529 plan for yourself. The funds can be used for undergrad and graduate work at any qualified higher education institutions. One of the main things to look at between... Read More »

What is a 529 savings plan?

Of the many college savings options available, a 529 savings plan offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages for investors.DefinitionA 529 savings plan, or qualified tuition plan, is a tax... Read More »

Health Savings Plan Information?

Even people with health insurance may find that they are shelling out more and more in deductibles, copayments and other out-of-pocket costs. A health savings plan, also known as a health savings a... Read More »