How to Collect a Debt (UK)?

Answer Get your money back!Pursuing debts through correspondence will normally have culminated in either you or your solicitor sending a "letter before action" commonly requiring payment within seven days... Read More »

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How to Collect on an Old Debt?

It has been three months with no sign of a check in the mail from the debtor who has been avoiding making payments. During a recession, letting debts age is dangerous, and immediate action is neces... Read More »

How to Trace and Collect Debt?

Trace and collect is not easy. Here is some helpful information to help you locate and collect from someone who owes you money.

How to Collect Outstanding Debt?

According to the Credit Research Bureau, once a debt goes unpaid for more than 60 days, the chances of successful recovery falls to 50 percent. As an outstanding debt ages, the creditor's likelihoo... Read More »

How to Collect a Personal Debt?

This is how to get your money back from someone.