How to Collect Rhubarb Seeds?

Answer After the rhubarb has flowered, it goes to seed. If you have left one or two rhubarb to get this far, then you an reap the benefits of the seeds to plant another year. This article provides a picto... Read More »

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How do I collect pepper seeds& dry seeds?

Set the pepper aside until the skin is red and wrinkled. Remove the seeds from the pepper with a spoon and lay them out on a clean, dry paper towel. Leave them on the paper towel until they are com... Read More »

Differences Between Indian Rhubarb & Turkey Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a vegetable that is used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes. The root of rhubarb promotes digestive health. Turkey rhubarb and Indian rhubarb are two types of this perennial plant... Read More »

How to Collect Pohutukawa Seeds?

Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) is a New Zealand native associated with a southern hemisphere Christmas because it flowers in December. It's easy to grow from seed and collecting your own is very... Read More »

How to Collect Lettuce Seeds?

Lettuces are perfect plants to save seeds from--- they produce seed the same season as planted, and they are self-pollinating, which reduces the need to be heedful of preventing cross-pollination. ... Read More »