How to Collect Mulberry Tree Sap?

Answer The mulberry tree, or Moraceae, is a family of 40 genera and 1,000 species of trees that bear two marked similarities: their circular stipule scar and their milky sap. This milky sap is latex and u... Read More »

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What is a mulberry tree?

The mulberry tree, or morus, is a deciduous tree bearing flowers and fruit. It is made up of different species that are similar in appearance. The red mulberry is native to America, but other speci... Read More »

Mulberry Tree Size?

The two main types of mulberry trees found in the United States are the red mulberry (Morus rubra) and the white mulberry (Morus alba). The former is a native species across much of the eastern hal... Read More »

How Much Water Does a Mulberry Tree Use?

Also known as white mulberry, the common mulberry (Morus alba) is a deciduous tree characterized by an irregular, dense canopy, deeply lobed alternate leaves and inch-long, sweet drupes. The mulber... Read More »

What Do Mulberry Tree Leaves Look Like?

Mulberry trees are part of the family of Moraceae and are known by their botanical name morus. They can be found across Europe, America, Africa and Asia and are identified by their leaves, which ar... Read More »