How to Collaborate With Artists?

Answer Artists are often independent, and this independence can make it hard to work with them. But great things can can happen when artists collaborate--both with one another, and with folks who don't co... Read More »

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How to Collaborate on Screenshots With CollabShot?

Creating a screenshot is pretty easy, but what if you need to collaborate on it. Like in a community effort. CollabShot makes it easy to do just that.

How to Collaborate With Others on YouTube?

Wanat to get more views and have more fun on youtube? Then it is time to collaborate!

When I sync my iPod, there are two artists who don't appear under "artists." How do I fix this?

if you downloaded on limewire which sometimes the person who put it there puts the songs name with the artist so it doesnt show up and sometimes it does so try downloading the same song from other ... Read More »

Any Canadian Artists with a Wikipedia page?

Oh, there are many. I'll assume by "artist" you mean painter or sculptor - an artist like that anyway - because I'm really into CanCon (Canadian music especially) and could suggest lots of great Ca... Read More »