How to Cold Read Someone to Look Psychic?

Answer Many people believe they can talk to the dead, communicate with spirits or predict a person's future based on what ghosts tell them. Whether you believe they can or not is up to your personal belie... Read More »

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How to Make Someone Think You Are Psychic?

Do you want to convince people that you are psychic? This article shows you how to make people think you can see the dead!

How to Give a Psychic Reading to Someone?

Everyone has psychic powers. Some people's are stronger. Some can tell peoples' futures, tell things about their past, or discover things that are troubling them. Do you want to be able to give som... Read More »

How to Cold Read?

Want to be a hit at the next party? Cold reading is a classic trick used by magicians, soothsayers, TV psychics, and other entertainers and charlatans. By asking a person the right questions, liste... Read More »

Do you catch a cold from someone else or is it from being out in the cold?

you can catch a cold directly from someone or from the air outdoors