How to Coil Your Upper Body Against Your Lower Body During the Golf Backswing?

Answer The key to a really powerful golf swing is a firm foundation in the backswing. The best way to maximize your backswing and efficiently drive the ball forward is with a coiled body. By turning your ... Read More »

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How to Get a Fit Upper Body Without a Gym?

Can't afford to or don't want to go to a gym? Want those great chest muscles or fit biceps? Want a bikini belly by summer? Look no further!

How to get a big upper body ?

You want to focus on lifting big heavy weights over doing reps, so you want to lift as much as you possibly can at your maximum, you will NEED a spotter for this, you want to repeat 10 times for ea... Read More »

How to Get Your Upper Body Fit?

Upper Body fitnessThis article is a list of upper body exercises including the much coveted abdominals! Pushups will be called press-ups in this article.

How to Get a Bigger Upper Body?

The upper body is composed of a variety of muscles, so the question of how to get a bigger upper body comes down to how to make all of these muscle groups grow in size.