How to Coil Any Kind of Cord?

Answer Prevent kinks and create neat order out of ropes, lines, extension cords, etc. by coiling them after use.

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What kind of cable cord should you use with your HDTV?

According to the technology website CNET, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) delivers the best image quality of any of the cable types available for HDTV. "It can handle high-definition vi... Read More »

What kind of blood does the umbilical cord contain?

Cord blood is rich in stem cells, including blood-forming hematopoietic cells. These stem cells contain platelets, as well as red and white blood cells that can be used to treat diseases such as le... Read More »

What kind of cord can i use to make my TV a monitor?

Look on the back of your TV; there should be a little slot the looks like the VGA slot on your laptop. If there is one there then you need a cable that connects your laptops external VGA slot and c... Read More »

What kind of cable or cord do i need for internet on my computer?

Is the connection upstairs a phone jack or is it "like" a phone jack. If it is a bigger 8 pin plug that should be a network cable connection. This has to go back to some kind of modem or router. Ar... Read More »