How to Co Sleep Safely With Your Baby?

Answer Whilst some may believe co-sleeping to be unsafe, if it's done safely there are many benefits. Co-sleeping promotes confidence and self esteem. Children who do not co-sleep are harder to control, l... Read More »

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How long did you Co-sleep with your baby?

i co-slept until my son was 8 months old...and he went into his crib with less crying than MOST babies who slept in cribs from birth...after two days of mild crying he was completely okay with goin... Read More »

How to Safely Sleep With a Groupie?

Groupie-mania is a real phenomenon. Salacious anonymous gals, screaming in a lustful hypnotic state, want energy from your perceived success. Indulgence is not a sin, but ignorance is unforgivable.... Read More »

How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation by Sleeping with Your Baby?

Giving birth to a baby is the most exciting, yet exhausting, thing a woman will ever do. Yet, American society tells us moms to put our babies in a room by themselves, in a big expensive crib with ... Read More »

Will having my baby sleep with me cause her to not sleep on her own?

On One Hand: Timing MattersIf you choose to transition your baby from your bed to her own, consider doing it by the time the child is 6 months old, advises the KidsHealth website. This is before th... Read More »