How to Close the Deal When Buying a Used Car?

Answer Buying a used car can be an intimidating, and even frightening, experience. Used car buyers need to be careful to make sure they are not simply buying another person's problem. But whether you buy ... Read More »

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I'm buying this computer, is it worth the price, it costs close to $5,000?

3 main concerns:1. The CPU AMD Athlon Quad is useless because it cannot play out it's power due to the lack of suitable software. some tests showed that a dual core CPU is as fast. the same stateme... Read More »

How to Close a Deal?

From the first impression to the signed contract, successful sales presentations usually consist of a variety of proven techniques and components. To become a sales professional that knows how to c... Read More »

What is a better deal buying a Ps3 or a blue ray DVD player?

a ps3. it is more money but it comes with a blueray and internet.

Just started vegetarian lifestyle on Mon, but am STARVING! I'm this close to buying a burger. What's filling?

First, if you're hungry you need to eat some fiber! Yuppers, add some oatmeal, barely, brown rice, whole wheat tortilla's or pasta, or cous cous and you will feel all full in a jiffy! If you're hun... Read More »