How to Close the Current Window Using Javascript?

Answer This is a simple tutorial to show you how to close the current browser window with javascript.

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Which current TV will have the minimum amount of pixelation even if you are up close to the tv?

A 1080p TV will have 1,920 pixels across. If you stand close, you WILL see those pixels. No ifs ands or buts. On your 47" TV, there are about 46.875 or so pixels per inch by my calculations. By ... Read More »

Is being close to current TVs (i.e., plasmas, flatscreens, etc.) still damaging to a child's eyes nowadays?

Eyes get tired long before damage is done !!Cheers Pete

Links from chat in Teamspeak 3 won't open till I close current Firefox session?

Maybe your Firefox is outdated. You should update it. Read this article for more information on updating Firefox: PC can also be infected by viruses or other malware. You s... Read More »

How to Close Cmd Window?

You can close the CMD (Command Prompt Window) one of three ways.