How to Close an Nonresponsive Program on Windows?

Answer You're using a program and it locks up, leaving you to do nothing.

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How to Force a Program to Close (Windows)?

Have you ever opened up a program on your PC just to find it's being slow or not responding? Use this quick and simple solution to closing the program.

Keyboard makes program close or unselects text box?

Hi,What text boxes are they.If the game is constantly interrupted then something must be running in the background to cause that.Identify what it is then disable it.Arnak

Can you install a Windows XP program into a Windows 2000?

You may install a Windows XP program under Windows 2000, unless the application in question states otherwise. Look for the program's system requirements for a list of operating system details, foun... Read More »

How do I close multiple windows in IE7?

Closing Multiple WindowsClick on the Internet Explorer icon on the computer desktop. Find a website that has more than one window. Push the "CTRL" and "W" buttons at the same time to shut down all ... Read More »