How to Close a Cotter Pin?

Answer A cotter pin is a type of metal fastener used with machined parts to fasten one section to another. A cotter pin, which may also be called a cotter key or split pin, typically is made from a single... Read More »

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Who invented the cotter pin?

Ira J. Young invented the cotter pin in 1912 in St. Louis, Missouri. He "applied for a patent on a machine for forming split pins," later referred to as cotter pins, according to Western Wire Produ... Read More »

Cotter Pin Removal?

Removing a cotter pin is usually a simple task. You just straighten the tangs and pull the cotter pin out of its hole. Sometimes, rust and dirt combine to tightly lock the cotter pin in the hole. T... Read More »

How do cotter pins work?

A cotter pin is a needle shaped piece of metal split along the middle so that one end can be bent once it is inserted in a hole. This prevents the cotter pin from backing out. cotter pins come in v... Read More »

How to Remove a Difficult Cotter Pin?

Cotter pins slide into a hole and hold two parts together. After you slide a cotter pin into a hole, you pull one or both of the pin's legs on an angle to retain it in the hole. When the parts held... Read More »