How to Close Your Swimming Pool for the Winter?

Answer Here is a list of things to do before closing your pool for the Winter. By properly closing your pool for the winter, you spend less time and money opening your pool in the spring. You will elimina... Read More »

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How to Close Your Pool for Fall/Winter?

This is a basic DIY to closing your pool for when fall comes around. If there are still questions or concerns after reading this a copy of our winterization guide can be purchased here.

How to Open Your Above Ground Swimming Pool After Winter?

To have a stress free swimming experience its important to spend a little time at the beginning of the season. Get your chemical levels right and you will have a healthy crystal clear pool.

What should swimming pool chlorine level be during winter when pool is covered?

The chlorine level in your swimming pool should be kept high in the winter to prevent algae growth. Before you put the winter cover on the pool, shock the water until you raise the levels to 6.0 t... Read More »

How do I close an inground pool for winter?

Disconnect and DrainDisconnect your pump, and turn it upside down to drain the water out. Take out the drain plugs, and place them in the pump basket. Drain all the water from the heater, and use a... Read More »