How to Close Your Macbook Without It Going Into Standby?

Answer To save power, the Macbook is designed to go into standby mode as soon as you close it. Under normal circumstances, this makes sense, because neither the keyboard nor the display is accessible when... Read More »

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How to keep laptop from going on standby whenever I close the top.?

I had the same problem. really annoying. Power options .If you have a PC, go to Control Panel, then Power Options. Click the Advanced tab, then where it says "when i close the lid..." select "do no... Read More »

How to Keep My Laptop From Going to Standby When I Close the the Cover?

When you transport your laptop, it is best to carry it with the display closed. This protects the delicate screen from scratches and minimizes the chance of damage if you should drop the computer a... Read More »

How to Plan a Wedding Without Going Into Debt?

All of your plans have succeeded: You planned the perfect marriage proposal and the love of your life said yes. Both of you are euphoric, until you realize how expensive planning a wedding can be. ... Read More »

Can the hp J6480 go into standby?

According to HP, the J6480 All-in-One Printer can go into standby mode. This power-saving feature only consumes 8 watts of electricity—much less than the maximum 40 watts the device may consume u... Read More »