How to Close Your Golf Stance?

Answer Closing your golf stance helps to put spin on the ball, creating a draw.

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How to Make a Proper Golf Stance?

Your golf stance is the framework for your swing so it is very important that it is structurally sound. Setting a stable base and getting in an athletic stance will let you make a controlled, power... Read More »

Golf Stance & Alignment Tools?

A proper golf stance allows for swings with greater distance and accuracy. A stance is the way a golfer stands to hit the ball, while alignment is the position in which the golfer places the golf c... Read More »

How to Get Into a Fighting Stance?

Used in most martial arts and in boxing, the fighting stance is a free motion stance that gives you plenty of ability to move around quickly to strike a target, as well as defend yourself in the pr... Read More »

How to Do Tai Chi's Horse Stance?

Bill Gallagher PT, CMT, CYT in standing StakeThis posture is Tai Chi. It is the most common of all the tai chi (taiji) and qigong (chi-gung) postures, and is often used as a separate exercise to in... Read More »