How to Close & Open Skin Pores?

Answer The pores on the skin have a few functions. They secrete sebum to lubricate the skin all over the body. The pores also produce sweat as a way to cool the body. With some people, the pores are enlar... Read More »

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Characteristics of Open Pores on the Skin?

Look beneath your skin and you will find a network of muscles, cells, vessels and glands. Examine the surface of your skin and you will see tiny holes called pores. Pores are passageways through th... Read More »

How to Close Pores?

There is really no permanent remedy for open pores. Toner tightens pores temporarily, so make it a point to apply toner regularly.

How to Close Pores on the Face?

Some of us have naturally noticeable pores, or maybe a recent skin irritation has left you noticing your pores more than you'd care to. Whatever the case, shrinking and closing your pores can be si... Read More »

How to Close Large Pores?

Large pores appear when the skin is clogged with impurities. Free radicals from the environment, make-up and dirt latch onto pores and expand them. This is the definition of blackheads. Pores look ... Read More »