How to Close All Unneeded Files in Task Manager?

Answer The Task Manager is a built-in utility of the Windows operating system that allows users to manage the processes, programs and services running on their computers. A computer may begin to act slow ... Read More »

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How to Clean Unneeded Files?

Contrary to popular belief, simply dragging an application or program to the trash or recycling bin doesn't completely remove the program and all of its components. Both Windows and MAC operating s... Read More »

What should be in your task manager?

The task manager should show five tabs titled "Applications," "Processes," "Performance," "Networking" and "Users," in that order. The standard menu options including "File," "Options," "View," "Wi... Read More »

How do i run task manager?

Press "Ctrl"and "Esc" simultaneously or click the "Start" button on your Windows Desktop taskbar. Then type "Run" into the search area and press "Enter" or click "Run" when it appears above. Window... Read More »

How to Fix the XP Task Manager?

The Task Manager is used in Windows XP to manage the currently running applications and keep track of the processes that are using the CPU. If your Task Manager is not working correctly, you may no... Read More »