How to Clone Master Balls?

Answer This article will teach you how to clone master balls.

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How to Get More Master Balls in Pokemon Emerald?

Master Balls are the most high degree of Pokeballs in the Pokemon game, having the ability to catch any Pokemon without fail. However, Master Balls are very hard to get, since you cannot buy them i... Read More »

How to Get a lot of Master Balls on Pokémon Emerald?

What is there to do after beating "Pokemon Emerald"? How about learning a cheat to get a lot of master balls? Follow these easy steps and have a load of fun!

How to Get Infinite Master Balls in Emerald Gameshark?

This works using an emulator or on gba so do not be afraid to to try it out!

How to Double Your Master Balls on "Pokemon Sapphire"?

The cloning glitch, also known as the "Master Ball glitch" and "infinite ball glitch" is present in most of the handheld Pokemon games. Although the glitch must be accessed differently for each one... Read More »