How to Clock a Garret Turbo?

Answer A turbo is a forced induction upgrade made to a car to improve its top end and acceleration performance. Garrett turbos are considered some of the best, most well-made performance turbos available... Read More »

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When did Garret Morgan invent the gas mask?

Garret Augustus Morgan, Sr. received his patent on the gas mask in 1912. He called it the Safety Hood and Smoke Protector. A more advanced model of his invention won gold medals from the Internatio... Read More »

How to change WINDOWS 7 computer clock from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock?

Control Panel --> Region and LanguageBig H is used for 24 hour. HH for 2 digits.Little h for 12 hour. hh for 2 digits.

On a new gateway laptop can I put a free analog clock instead of the digital clock in the right lower corner?

If you mean on the desktop, it depends on the OS, not the hardware. For Windows, I don't believe so, but you can, or could get desktop widgets.

Date of manufacture of the antique wall clock. Havana model, manufactured by Waterbury Clock Company.?

The Waterbury Clock Company model called 'Havana' is an antique carved hanging kitchen clock. Did not find any information on the date of manufacture, although other kitchen clock models from this ... Read More »