How to Climb with an Ankle Injury?

Answer If you have a dangerous job such as being in the Army, you're bound to get injured. Many people, even with injuries, have to climb to reach rescue, to make yourself visible or to escape a dangerous... Read More »

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Is there a way i can still rock climb even with a broken ankle (in cast)?

Ankle injury - what should I do?

Put ice on it, and if you don't have ice put something frozen on it.Call the doctor, make sure it's not really bad.Swelling's normal, try to stay off of your ankle and put it on a pillow and get lo... Read More »

Any help with an ankle injury?

You should go in for an xray and get off the ankle again. Use your crutches until you see your doctor and just go to urgent care and get it checked out. Probably take an hour or two of your day up ... Read More »

How do you wrap an ankle injury?

My doctor told me you should always wrap from low to high (starting nearer to toes and working up toward the calf).The Figure 8 technique should also be used. Start on the top of the foot. Wrap aro... Read More »