How to Climb Stairs With a Broken Leg?

Answer So you've gotten used to walking on crutches while your broken or otherwise injured leg/foot is healing. But now you're faced with a new challenge: climbing stairs. If you haven't already discussed... Read More »

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Is there a way to climb stairs with less effort?

How to Climb the Stairs?

Cats love stairs, and they never seem to get enough of climbing up and down them with ease. However, for humans stairs, that are not climbed with caution, can cause some serious injury and in some ... Read More »

Is there a way i can still rock climb even with a broken ankle (in cast)?

Electronic Wheelchairs That Climb Stairs?

For wheelchair users who routinely struggle maneuvering around their homes, especially when going upstairs, recent technology has produced electric wheelchairs that can climb stairs, making that da... Read More »