How to Clear the Throat of Mucus?

Answer Mucus is horrible, unpleasant and nasty. You want a way to get rid of it right? Here's the place for you.

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How can i clear out my throat cuz i feel mucus and it never comes out Are there any remedies?

Drinking lemon tea always works for me. Boil some water, then squeeze in some lemon and drink :)

My throat is always full of plegm. I'm always having to clear my throat, what can I use get rid of phlegm?

all you have to do is gargle some salt in some warm water it works!!

Where does throat mucus come from?

Throat mucus comes from post nasal drip. A steady stream of thick mucus continuously runs down your nose and throat and into your stomach. Congestion, nasal polyps, an allergy or sinusitis are all ... Read More »

How to get rid of excess mucus in throat?

Go to the Doctor, you may still have an infection. Mucus is not a healthy thing