How to Clear a Paper Jam in an All in One Printer?

Answer All-in-one printers offer one convenient product that will print, copy, scan and even fax computer documents. The ease of having all of these services in one device is clear, but even all-in-one pr... Read More »

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How do i clear a paper jam in a hp printer?

Turn off and unplug the printer. Carefully take out any paper jammed in the feed tray. Make sure to remove any small pieces of paper stuck in the printer's rollers.Open the access door on the back ... Read More »

How to clear the paper jam out of a printer?

Step 1 Clear any loose paper from the paper tray. This will help you locate the jam. You will find it either in front, near the paper tray, or in the rear.Step 2 To clear a paper jam near the paper... Read More »

How do I clear a paper jam on an HP g55 printer?

Clear the Paper JamTurn the printer off and disconnect the power cord. Open the rear access door by turning the dial counter-clockwise and pulling out. Clean the pressure rollers with a soft, moist... Read More »

My printer is telling me to clear paper jam?