How to Clear a BIOS Password on a Gateway N560XL Notebook?

Answer BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the firmware that operates on the lowest level of the computer's software hierarchy. It controls the functionality of the motherboard. BIOS is often accessed to ... Read More »

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How do I reset a Gateway BIOS password?

Open the ComputerTurn off the PC. Unplug all cords in the back. Remove the three screws in the back, on the right side of the Gateway tower. Slide the panel off and set it aside. Lay the computer f... Read More »

How to Clear BIOS Password?

A BIOS or CMOS password is set and entered from a DOS prompt after a computer is powered on and before Windows or another operating system loads. If you have a computer with a BIOS password that ha... Read More »

How to Clear the BIOS Password on an IBM ThinkPad R51?

The Lenovo ThinkPad R51 is a laptop computer that gives you the ability to set a password that must be entered before the computer will boot. This password is called the BIOS or power-on password. ... Read More »

How to Clear a BIOS Password on an OmniBook 4150?

The BIOS password on a computer prevents unauthorized users from accessing and making changes to the computer system. Forgetting or losing this password could make the computer all but unusable. Th... Read More »