How to Clear a 2005 Ford Engine Code?

Answer An engine code on a 2005 Ford relates to the “check engine light.” The check engine light on the dash signifies a fault encountered within the influence of the computer’s engine management sy... Read More »

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How to Read the Check Engine Code on a 2005 Ford Escape XLT?

When your 2005 Ford Escape XLT's "Check Engine" light comes on, it means you car's computer has detected a problem. You have two choices: you can either take the car to a mechanic and pay a diagno... Read More »

How to Clear the Service Engine Warning on a 2005 Acura?

Your 2005 Acura will generate and store a fault code when there is a problem with one of the sensors, solenoids, or valves that keep the vehicle running properly. You'll know that there is a proble... Read More »

How to Clear the Engine Code on the 2001 Saturn SC2?

In 1985, General Motors formed the Saturn Corporation as a new maker of vehicles. The 1991 model year marked the release of the first Saturn vehicles: the S-series. The SC line of the Saturns -- a ... Read More »

How to Clear a Service Engine Code on a Chevy?

Service engine soon (SES) codes are designed to aid in the diagnosis of malfunctions in the vehicle's drive train and related systems. Some call them diagnostic trouble codes (DTC); others refer to... Read More »