How to Clear Up Your Face in 2 Weeks?

Answer Facial blemishes or acne can undermine your confidence and make you feel self conscious about the way you look. If you have an event to attend, you shouldn't have to worry about showing up with uns... Read More »

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Im a survivor of cancer. i was given the all clear 3 weeks ago. why is the nhs saying that it cant afford?

I totally agree, my mum was recently diagnosed and so far we don't know what treatment she's going to have but it is ridiculous that we pay all this money just to be refused the treatement we need!... Read More »

How to Clear Your Face?

Clearing your face of things is easy and takes little things on your end to make your skin clear and healthy. Healthy skin makes one attractive and beautiful and it also helps people not see illnes... Read More »

How can I clear my face up?

Okay, I am 14 and I used to have super bad acne. I know how horrible it is. I tried everything, didn't work. It has a LOOOT to do with eating. You might not have all the vitamins you need, and anyt... Read More »

Is having clear discharge for two weeks after sexual activity a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant and yes I had clear watery discharge from the time of conception until now .As long as it dont have a smell it is normal pregnancy discharge,using a pantyliner will ... Read More »