How to Clear Sleepers from Your Cat's Eyes?

Answer This task can be very easy or quite difficult, depending on your cat.

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What Do Cats' Eyes Look Like if They Are Becoming Blind?

Since cats are extremely adaptable, a loss of vision does not usually lessen their quality of life. In fact, it is cats' adaptability that sometimes makes it difficult to diagnose feline eye proble... Read More »

How do you put eye drops in cats eyes?

I would assume the same way you apply eye ointment. I had to apply eye ointment to my two kittens twice daily for the first 2 weeks of having them. They came home from the shelter/pet store with re... Read More »

How to Care for the Eyes of Persian Cats?

Persian cats are a well-known breed and valued by many for its flat face and big eyes. The structure of a Persian cat's face, however, is a reason this breed is prone to eye (and nose) problems. Th... Read More »

What does it mean if cats' eyes wink as you go past?

You're over the limit!!! Check your rear view mirror very carefully as you go.