How to Clear Ingrown Hair Scarring?

Answer Ingrown hairs are a problem most men and women face in life. They are often caused by shaving and are typically found in areas where shaving has taken place. The hairs get caught in the follicle.... Read More »

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How to Clear Up Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are most common in curly-haired people and on the face where the hair is thick and sharp. Other areas it can occur are on the legs and in the pubic area. Ingrown hairs are created by ... Read More »

Causes for Ingrown Hair?

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Cause of Ingrown Hair?

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What should I do when I have a ingrown hair?

Don't shave it. Removing the hair with tweezers is fine. Use warm to hot compresses or baths. Put an antibacterial ointment on it like Neosporin (a little goes a long way). Leave it alone and it w... Read More »